Start This Season Off On The Right Foot - Enrol In AgriStability

Start This Season Off On The Right Foot - Enrol In AgriStability


Think about it - when someone wants to reduce the chances of getting hurt, they take the right precautions. If it’s a hockey game they are going to play, the proper equipment like padding, a helmet, and skates are put on. They spend some time practicing with their team, study the opponent, and review past plays to learn the best way forward. And finally they show up; stick in hand, prepared to give it all they got.

The AgriStability Program works in a similar way for a producer’s farm. All Programs offered by The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) share the same common goal--to provide risk protection to Saskatchewan’s farmers and ranchers. SCIC’s programs work together to make sure the producer is covered in case the unexpected happens. AgriStability is designed to work with Crop Insurance and Livestock Price Insurance to provide security for things like declining commodity prices or an unexpected increase in input costs.

“AgriStability reaches beyond what is included in Crop Insurance coverage to provide producers with comprehensive security for less than pennies on the dollar,” said SCIC President and CEO, Shawn Jaques.

“Programs like Crop Insurance and the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP) are designed to provide protection during specified portions of the production cycle, while AgriStability provides an annual level of coverage for other factors that influence the success of the farm,” remarked Jaques.

Each farm’s risk protection through AgriStability is unique because the Program uses the farm’s financial information and operational characteristics to determine coverage and benefits. Every operation has its own income and expense structure. By having coverage based on the performance of the farm, producers can be confident they are receiving coverage reflective of their operation. Producers are encouraged to contact their local Crop Insurance office to review the coverage offered through the AgriStability Program and the risk protection it can provide for their operation.

Contacting the local Crop Insurance office can also help a producer understand how AgriStability can work with their Crop Insurance and/or WLPIP to make sure they have all of their bases covered.

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